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Chris Daniel Sleeps While it Snows Outside

Ah, the peaceful slumber that occurs only during the coldest months of the year. Large white flakes slowly tumble to earth, a gentle fire basks the room with a warm glow, and you sit with a feather-filled blanket, a festive drink in hand.

But please do not confuse this story with that fantasy.

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Chris Daniel Goes Hammocking

While driving to wash windows one day (I’m a window washer now by the way) my friend John pointed out the window and said “Up on that mountain is an arch.” I looked out the window, squinting my eyes. “Oh yeah, I see it.” I said. Then I promptly forgot about it until a few weeks later when I had nothing to do on a Saturday. The arch suddenly crossed my mind and I decided right then and there that I was going to hike up to it and do some hammocking. Continue reading “Chris Daniel Goes Hammocking”

Chris Daniel Plays with Explosives

This is a throwback piece to when I was in New Zealand hiking around Lake Waikaremoana.

There’s too many details in this story that involve getting picked up by an unmarked white van that was full of jumper cables, running into ten topless women at the top of a mountain, and camping with a man who experienced a spider bite so venomous it caused him to hallucinate. But for the sake of succinctness let me fast forward to the end of the trip. Continue reading “Chris Daniel Plays with Explosives”

Chris Daniel Climbs a Mountain

When I told my Colorado friends that I was coming to their state, they all said I should climb a fourteener.* I asked everybody I could about which mountain I should climb, what I should expect, general advice, etc. Everybody’s answer differed slightly but there were a few common answers. First, be prepared for all types of weather. Second, make sure you’re off the mountain by noon. Continue reading “Chris Daniel Climbs a Mountain”

Chris Daniel Sleeps on a Soccer Field

I’ve been in Salida for two weeks and still don’t know anybody. The nights are clear and warm though, so naturally I want to do something.

It’s on evenings like this that I usually do what I’ve done throughout my whole life. I go to a soccer field, grab some cones, and start kicking around. For not being very good at soccer, I sure have spent a large percentage of my life alone on a field. Continue reading “Chris Daniel Sleeps on a Soccer Field”

Chris Daniel Plays Pickleball

Well I’ve been in Salida one week now. During my time here I’ve been to barbecues, soccer fields, and a bunch of public restrooms. But what has really dominated my time here, and you may have picked it up if you’re a die hard Chris Daniel Club fan and you read my Daily Interests page every day (Hi Mom!*), is that I have joined a pickleball community! Continue reading “Chris Daniel Plays Pickleball”

First Day in Salida

I woke up in a Wal-Mart parking lot today. This is the fifth time I woke up in such a place over the course of my lifetime.* I’m not sure if spending the night in front of a Wal-Mart is the best way or worst way to determine what type of people live in a town. Anyway, I stumbled out of my car into the sunshine, looking like a dazed space explorer who emerged from his craft and saw a giant statue of Ape-raham Lincoln. Continue reading “First Day in Salida”