About Chris Daniel


It is me. Chris Daniel!

Here’s a picture of me with a cat:

This cat later died. On Christmas Day. I swear to God.

I am a twenty four year old man child. Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, I spent the beginning of 2017 backpacking around New Zealand and now I’m just bouncing from town to town and country to country. To find out where I currently am check out my Now page (credit to Derek Sivers).

I grew up in a town of 900 people but went to school in the neighboring city. I was an athletic kid and played basketball, soccer, and track throughout the year. I still like to believe I’m quite good at most sports but I’m really not.

Here’s a gif of me trying to be athletic:

Through hours of footage this is the best I could come up with

Around 2012/13 soccer began to take over my life. I was a coach for Pelada Football Academy, which was a dope place to work, and I threw myself into it.

Or I tried to at least

In 2015 I decided I had mastered the art of coaching and now I needed to focus on playing. I met a guy named Alex and we began to train every day. In the spring of 2016 I graduated from the University of Oregon (‘sccccooooooooo Ducks!). In the fall of 2016 I enrolled in community college. I was doing things backwards but the CC told me I could play soccer for them so I jumped on the opportunity. I also got to play in a few PDL games at this time.

Here’s a picture of me after a PDL game:

These young fans asked for a picture with me. Never before have I felt so cool.

I am still in love with the beautiful game but I rarely play anymore. I like to spend my time going on walks and hikes, reading nonfiction, listening to podcasts, and having educative conversations with people I just met. If by chance you stumble upon this site when I’m in your area, shoot me a message. I love meeting new people.

Lastly… you have to give the internet what they want. So here’s a picture of me shirtless: