Chris Daniel Sleeps on a Soccer Field

I’ve been in Salida for two weeks and still don’t know anybody. The nights are clear and warm though, so naturally I want to do something.

It’s on evenings like this that I usually do what I’ve done throughout my whole life. I go to a soccer field, grab some cones, and start kicking around. For not being very good at soccer, I sure have spent a large percentage of my life alone on a field. Continue reading “Chris Daniel Sleeps on a Soccer Field”

Chris Daniel Plays Pickleball

Well I’ve been in Salida one week now. During my time here I’ve been to barbecues, soccer fields, and a bunch of public restrooms. But what has really dominated my time here, and you may have picked it up if you’re a die hard Chris Daniel Club fan and you read my Daily Interests page every day (Hi Mom!*), is that I have joined a pickleball community! Continue reading “Chris Daniel Plays Pickleball”

First Day in Salida

I woke up in a Wal-Mart parking lot today. This is the fifth time I woke up in such a place over the course of my lifetime.* I’m not sure if spending the night in front of a Wal-Mart is the best way or worst way to determine what type of people live in a town. Anyway, I stumbled out of my car into the sunshine, looking like a dazed space explorer who emerged from his craft and saw a giant statue of Ape-raham Lincoln. Continue reading “First Day in Salida”