Living in a Town of Twenty Five People

This challenge came at me inadvertently, and it is an example of how we sometimes don’t even realize we are partaking in a challenge even while we are doing it. I spent three months backpacking around New Zealand and for one of those months I found myself in the small village of Okarito. When I say small I mean the population was twenty five. Not twenty five hundred or twenty five thousand. Just twenty five people. Continue reading “Living in a Town of Twenty Five People”

What it’s Like to not Drink for One Hundred Days

As mentioned in the previous post one of the first challenges I set for myself was to forgo drinking alcohol for one hundred days. It is amazing how we can go years without doing something, like drinking beer or coffee, but once we consume them they become part of our lives. We become so swept up in their consumption that it now seems unbearable to swear them off. Continue reading “What it’s Like to not Drink for One Hundred Days”

The Beginnings

The idea of purposefully living a challenging life came to me on January 1st, 2016. I was drinking tea at a bar  (January First: The Day of Recovery) with my friend Zak and we were reliving a conversation he had with his college professor about gambling. The essence of the discussion revolved around the idea that in gambling the rules of the game are concrete, but you can still find ways around them i.e. counting cards. This led me to the question “What if you could change the rules of life?”

Continue reading “The Beginnings”